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Thanks to everyone who has purchased my sci-fi fantasy novel - Rabbitskin.

I just sell them only my website http://ilovecatturd.com - I don't use Amazon, because screw them - already have almost 12,000 books and ebooks sold on my little website and it feels good not to use the Big Tech companies who hate us. Working on the trilogy now.

I Love Catturd

I Love Catturd

Rabbitskin Science Fiction novel in stock here at ilovecatturd.com - Catturd coffee mugs for our fellow patriots. Selling US made products since 2019
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I wish somebody loved me the way Hunter Biden loves Parmesan cheese when he thinks it’s crack.

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Remember y’all ...

If you do exactly what the government tells you - King Grandpa Turnip Brain and Emperor Flip-Flop Fauci are going to “allow” you to have a small barbecue for the 4th of July.

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If you don’t know that Mitch McConnell is a scumbag, Deep State, phony POS - you’re not paying attention.

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I can see it now. ...

"I'm vaccinated." is going to be the new "I'm a vegan."


The impeach 46 turd who talks shit.