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Elizabeth Warren Fraud Conspiracy Discovered.
It seems to be a common thing for Democrats to use power to enrich themselves. Most recently Joe & Hunter Biden have come under fire for a scam they ran which will end up in jail time for one or both of them. We have uncovered yet another that makes the Biden crimes look like a parking ticket.
At a recent campaign event candidate Warren was confronted with a question about a quid pro quo with her children in a hypothetical which she stammered to answer when put on the spot and still has not done so. Why is that you may ask? Look no further than her daughter Amelia who heads a prominent healthcare provider and would be the main beneficiary from a socialist style healthcare takeover netting Liz & her unindicted co-conspirators millions if not billions of tax payer dollars to line their pockets with. There is a 3rd player which is Lizzys son Alexander who is a tech person who seems to have ties to the still yet to be settled DNC Hacking. We will update this story as it develops so stay tuned for updates!

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