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CNN is Blaming President Trump for the stupidity of a drugged out unemployed 19 year old loser registered Democrat licks a toilet seat and contracts the Chinese Wuhan Virus taking the Corona Challenge in Los Angeles. The moron contracted who knows what else when he licked the toilet at his local 7-11. Well at least he got his 7 million video views on Youtube before they took the video down!


The Corona Virus may be a Chinese Virus but it is being spread by terrorists and here is video of the spread!

The Governor of New Jersey has ordered all gun stores remain closed during the Corona Virus Shutdown. This is Unconstitutional and this lunatic must be removed from office. Every gun owner in New Jersey, strike that, every gun owner in America should march to the Governors Mansion and demand he rescind this order. If he refuses he should be locked up in a mental hospital!

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