Defeat The Squad
Defeat The Squad

Defeat The Squad


The Vote for Pelosi as Speaker is a FRAUD! There were 427 Reps counted in the Quorum but there ended up being 216 for @SpeakerPelosi
& 209 for @GOPLeader
with 2 for others & 3 as Present totaling 430 Votes!
Investigate this now!

Breaking Biden
 Breaking Biden
Joe Biden will never turn America into a Communist Country as we the people will stop him and his Regime!

Help us remove @AOC the Communist from Congress!
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Defeat The Squad
 Defeat The Squad
We are a Grass Roots Campaign to Repeal & Replace the 4 Communists known as The Squad in 2020 with lawmakers worthy of holding office to benefit American Citizens.

The Poster Child for Communism just nominated Comrade Sanders over Slow Joe Biden!
This is the new radical communist Democrat Party of 2020!

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Ilhan Omar laughs and jokes around as her colleague discusses U.S. casualties in Iraq