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Donald J. Trump
, we want to say Thank you for being the best President ever. Thank you for being our voice and Thank you for paving the way for all Americans to have an opportunity at obtaining the American Dream. We Love you so much more. God Bless You.


If What Don Lemon say is true about BLM being only about police brutality, then why are they still protesting? We don't see police killing black lives. It's black lives killing black lives.

has every right to have an opinion and not be bullied out of it!

If Democrats really celebrated and observed Juneteenth why didn't Obama or this Democrat Congress make it a national holiday?

We turned our backs, Not on black people, but on the Democrat racist party who haven't done a damn thing for people of color. Joe Biden referred to people of color as predators, so what does that make you?
Don't "F" with us!

Why would Black People say the Republican party is racist when the Republican party was started by Black People?

Since Antifa is being deemed a Terrorist group anyone who participate in terrorist like activities should also be deemed a domestic terrorist and should be prosecuted as such!

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