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#Avenatti ...THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! They kicked us out of #Politicon2018 for this - #GoodTimes! #trump2020 #maga #KAG Donald J. Trump

Merry Christmas America! Trump is still your President! And God willing he will be for five more years! #MAGAChristmas #Trump2020 Donald J. Trump
Ben Bergquam

Adam Schiff gets his Miranda Rights read to him!

Congressman @Jim_Jordan
is killing it again as well!


Congresswoman @EliseStefanik
is killing it again! Expose the left! #EndTheCoup


Democrats word-smithing very similar to their lies about “Global Warming,” which was first “Global Cooling” and now “Climate Change:” “Quid Pro Quo” turned to “Extortion” now to “Bribery!” ...With NO evidence! #StopTheCoup This is total BS!!!

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