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I have a theory on what is happening, In America right at the moment. I am only 80% sure of this right now, but with what I have gleaned through hours of Research, along with, I have spent the past week going through hundreds of videos trying to make sense of what is happening.

No, I do not believe Trump called the troops for a smooth transition for his second term. But here me out. There is sharp evidence that the Capitol was a planned event.

I believe evidence they are going to find out this was the Democrat party who set up the Republican party with this seage, but, from what is being said, Along with Antifa, there was another group who took advantage of this opportunity and took Pelosi's laptop, as said by General McInerney, there was special military ops who were sent in to get her laptop.

Why are their over 30,000 troops in Wa. right now for a Inauguration that Biden will be doing televised??? Why are we not hearing more from Trump, Giuliani, or Sidney Powell? Where has Pelosi been hiding out?

Why did we hear 6 months ago, President Trump say he KNEW there was going to be cheating in the Election, he even went so far as to sign the Insurrection act, that it could be used if it happened...

Ask yourself, WE KNOW THERE WAS FRAUD IN THE ELECTION, why would Trump, who knew this would happen, it happens and he doesn't even use his Insurrection act he signed in since he KNEW it would be happening???

Why would the Democrats Party be working so hard to Impeach President Trump when he has less than a Week to go???

Why are there so many Troops in Wa, when Biden's Inauguration will not even be taking place "IN REAL TIME?"

I believe the Insurrection act was actually signed into order. Those who knows this law KNOWS this act is not as simple as telling Biden he is not President and Trump is.

This act, allows the Military to take over the Nation. It will be the Military who will be taking charge of the Nation, we will be under Military law. There will be NO president at this time. The Nation will be under Martial Law until which time all insurrection charges will be presented, and arrests will be made.

President Trump will then be re-installed back into the Office of the Presidency.

Some of you may think this is Quite the conspiracy, but ask yourself, why has CNN, CBS, NBC and FOX news be saying, "Something is up" I have watched all of these news stations who are baffled to why we are needing 30,000 Troops in Wa.

"More than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan together" CBS NEWS....

There is one extremely telling video, a woman shouting into a room, in the capitol, on a mega phone, There is a large group of people inside the room asking, "So what is the plan" The woman with the Mega phone is instructing these people the set up and exactly where to go inside the building.

This woman KNEW the insides of the Capitol! The only thing I can think, is she is a Government worker on the inside, in on this attack.

There are also videos of a conference call of members of BLM, Antifa, along with Government Officials and even a lawyer who is working out plans of how to take over the Government.

There are only TWO SIDES, friends, There is the Left and the Right. It was one of those sides who planned this insurgency of the Capitol. We are hearing the Police were "COMPLIANT" going as far as to, open the gates urging Trump supporters to rush in past the gates and into the open doors.

Who, might order these police to do this?

Why were there only 300 security ordered to watch the Capitol on a day they knew would have over 2.5 Million Patriots who COULD become riled if "things went south" as they did?

With such a lack of Security, and ALL of our Senators and Congress having such lack of security, this could have been ISIS, who could have easily infiltrated and taken out are entire Leadership!!! Do you think CIA and the FBI are this INEPT????!!! If so, why even have them???

Could I be wrong? Yes, I am not suggesting something I expect anyone to take to heart. Along with my research, I had to SWIM through so much conspiracy and TRASH, it is difficult to know, with all of the FAKE news going on, to see any reality clearly.

There are groups who are actually faking documents, to look real, passing this crap off as "PROOF" To their bullshit...

My assumptions come from research on what Trump did 6 months ago, Knowing the election would be stolen, making certain the insurrection act could be installed, and.... forward....

It is simply ILLOGICAL to think Trump, "Knowing" this election would be stolen, So much so he made sure he could use this insurrection act, yet, to what we know, Trump has done nothing about it... repeat- from what we know....

Trump's Support, as said by News agencies, "Are higher than they have ever been" since he was elected!

There are Millions who have been writing our politicians DEMANDING they do something, and as of 2 days ago, "Arizona" ordered a FULL FORENSICS of the election... Our Government has taken notice of our anger of them and our system and they are panicked!

Patriots, We should have been doing this LONG AGO!!!! We are a LAZY party and Conservatives deserve what we are going through right now! You better wake the "HELL UP" and start getting involved.

Those in our Party, who may, feel like breaking and rioting... STOP!!! You are doing no favors in doing so, and the Democrat party is ONE STEP AHEAD, Using these events to peg us as the RACISTS AND NAZIS...

We do much better confronting our Conservative politicians, We will VOTE OUT and REMOVE all politicians who have moved to either disallow forensic analysis of this fraud election, and those who voted to impeach the President. It is TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!!

Lastly, embed this quote in your brain and start fighting for this Nation!!!


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