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8 months ago - Translate - Facebook all who have come prepared!!!

About that stupid sign...well...Hollyweird told us it wasn't nice to fool mother Nature...remember???'s really not sane to make fools of the American God sent us another EARTHQUAKE...and look what happened!!!
(Actually...they've attacked me with another virus and this is the only way I could show you my latest video!!! PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR THE REAL THING!!!)

Today May 14, 2019...happens to be the 10th anniversary of me losing my home...after living in the same town since 1985 and in business as a licensed general contractor...and the 5th anniversary of the "Poinsettia Fire", which was ARSON and was aimed at me and destroyed the friends home I was living at...both events are...THANKS TO OBAMA!!!

SO also why I'm's time we stand UNITED and ready ourselves and the others who have been called to STAND UNITED AGAINST THE TYRANTS!!! Your participation here should be geared towards Heaven...but focused on concern for our the meantime!!! This may get ugly...this connection...may be YOU "do your homework" types, are welcomed here...WE DEAL IN TRUTH!!!


The Wizards of my first attempt at melding my photo-shopping and video experience produce what is in essence...3030 photo-shopped images, aided in a very big way by my finally capable laptop and software!!! I hope you will enjoy this brief moment...that took about 2 weeks, to finally be able to share with you!!!
FASCISTBOOK, blocked me again for another 30 days...for simply posting the photo of that Muslim mosque shooter!!! THAT'S IT...30 days and shut off from ALL COMMUNICATIONS with family and the world!!! Seems to me...there's a whole lot wrong around here today...and this simply here to POINT THAT OUT!!!


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  • HUSTUSA…is the acronym for HelpUsSaveTheUSA!!! This group is dedicated to TORMENTING the TYRANTS, via photo-shopped images, videos and THE TRUTH!!! By joining HUSTUSA, you are accepting a warriors challenge to HelpUsSaveTheUSA…please…be worthy and battle-ready!!! Jehovah Nissi…I pray, that you will bless all the worthy who enter our gathering and will turn away the weak minded…AMEN!!!