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$2,025 per pen. Paid for by taxpayers. Is there any doubt now Pelosi thinks she's the Queen? Now we know why she delayed sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate... she was waiting on her gold-plated Impeachment pens.
We must remove her from office now along with her flying monkey minions!
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President Donald J. Trump
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Stop the Pelosi Impeachment Scheme | Judicial Watch

Stop the Pelosi Impeachment Scheme | Judicial Watch

Here is your Collusion!
Pelosi of CA., center, flanked by her husband Paul Pelosi, right, talks as they stand in Independence Square, in Kiev, Ukraine, Wed, Aug 5, 2015. The CA democrat is leading a high-level congressional delegation on a trip to Ukraine

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  • Nancy Pelosi is a Traitor! Join the movement to remove her from office here along with her unindicted coconspirators in the Socialist Democrat Party.