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I loved doing the interview with Brennen Matthews, editor of ROUTE Magazine. It was the most authentic I’ve ever done, as free-wheeling as a lazy trip down the Mother Road, Route 66. Americana, movies, tall tales, and a pinch of truth. Subscribe here:

ROUTE Magazine

ROUTE Magazine is a well-respected bi-monthly magazine that focuses on road travel, vintage Americana and Route 66, The Main Street of America.

The Left can put whipped cream on shit all they want, but 70,000,000 Americans are outraged about this befouled election. We don’t accept this fraudulent result, and none of us is inclined to bury the hatchet with a mob that lied, cheated, burned, and looted to get their way.

To my many friends on Parler, please know once and for all that any account using my name is a fraudulent account. I am not on Parler. Those are fake accounts and profiles.

"Michael Simon, who previously worked on the 2008 Obama campaign and in the former president's administration, pledged the [Trump Accountability Project] would provide a "record of every staffer, appointee, donor, endorses (sic) and enabler."

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  • #Socialism is a cancer. Every nation that succumbed to its embrace has inevitably rotted from within. Don’t be fooled by nitwits. Nothing is “free.”