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BREAKING: DNC & Hillary Extorted Tulsi Gabbard in 2016!

In 2016 Rep #TulsiGabbard resigned from the #DNC & supported #BernieSanders.

DNC/Team Clinton emailed Gabbard & said they were disappointed in her, "Hillary Clinton will be our nominee", she was being "disrespectful of Hillary Clinton", they no longer trusted her judgment & would not be raising money for Gabbard's campaign.

Gabbard went public & declared that the Democratic primary was "rigged against Bernie Sanders".
Thanks to member Atlas Shrugging for unearthing this story hiding in plain sight. Now it needs to go viral!


President Trump Trolls Media & Their Heads Explode with G-7 Doral Announcement:
Mick Mulvaney announced today in the Whitehouse Press Room that President Trump is donating his Doral Resort in Miami Florida to host the Summit on June 10-12, 2020 saving the Federal Government Millions of tax payer dollars. The media including John Karl of ABC & other members of the Fake News Coalition virtually went into seizure mode almost as to say "How Dare You". Where would they like it to be held? At a Clinton Property? At the local Motel 6 and have it catered by the Waffle House?

President Trump is not making any money on this deal, infact he is losing money which should make the media orgasmic.

Our summation:
Great Job Mr. President!


Gov. Larry Hogan to Fill Cummings Seat with Republican Replacement:
With the passing of Elijah Cummings, Republican Governor of Maryland will swiftly fill the now vacant Democrat held seat with a Republican yet to be named. We will update this story with the named replacement as soon as we get the name.


Obama Caught Meddling in Election without FARA Filing.
Barack Obama endorsed Justin Trudeau of Canada in his bid to be re-elected as the nations Prime Minister. There is one problem however. Under the rules being expressed by CNN & their puppet Nancy Pelosi this is an illegal action. Where is Adam Schiff on this? This is corruption and it must be exposed. Call your Reps & Senators now to demand action at 202-224-3121. Congress needs to be held accountable and no one is above the law including Barack Hussein Obama. More details as they become available.

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