Greg's New Late Night Show Debuts Monday, April 5 11pm EST / 8pm PST
"If you cannot tell the other late night shows apart, join the club. They're as bland as string cheese and not nearly as appetizing. So we aren't going to be like them," Gutfeld said.
"If you want something different, that isn't afraid to take a risk and call out hypocrisy on all sides, check out ‘Gutfeld!’ And if you don't, no hard feelings. Although I will hate you forever," he added.

COME JOIN THE FUN IN SOUTH CAROLINA! See Greg Gutfeld & Tom Shillue Live at the Columbia Motor Speedway April 18th.

The seating for this event is socially distanced private seating areas outside called "coves" where you can bring your own chairs and blankets to sit on.


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SIDE EFFECT CONCERNS: Germany suspends AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine for people 60 and under, Canada suspends it for people 55 and younger


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