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6 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Parler is currently blocking some youtube videos from loading on their platform including one we tried to upload! Free Speech? Not on Parler obviously! Pure Censorship! Here is the video we tried to upload and it only shows up as a link

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It appears that Parler is having security issues on their platform again. When navigating the security padlock is reverting to unsecure so please proceed with caution on their platform. They are also blocking some youtube videos from playing and banning some links as well. So much for Free Speech! Something strange is a foot over there and many users are finding that out right now and bailing. Stay tuned for updates...

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  • Parler with its limited features has many confused users fleeing their platform since Islamic Fundamentalists have taken control of the platform. Refugees from there are welcome here to be part of our PolitiChatter Community & share their stories.