Soon the Equity Pro Members will have access to Video Chat & Live Video Streaming.
Non Pro Members will be able to view Live Video Streaming but not able to post it.
Will you use this feature?


We are currently working to bring Rumble into our platform so Pro-Equity Member Users like Wayne Allyn Root Joe Pags Wayne Dupree Deneen Borelli Tom Borelli Jim Hoft Georgia Log Cabin Republicans David A. Clarke, Jr. and many others will be able to Live Stream Video. This feature will only be available to Pro Members to use but open to all members to view! We will update as we get closer to launching this feature


Features and data continue to be restored in the post upgrade so stay with us!

Welcome to our "POLITICALLY UNCENSORED" community, where we all value uncensored free speech! Would you like a gift of 100 shares of stock in the company that owns this platform? Our intention is to become a publicly traded company and create wealth for our Shareholders/Equity Members... patriotic capitalism at it's finest! If so, just upgrade your FREE account to our "Equity Membership" and in addition to receiving several user enhancements, you will also become an owner in the $100 BILLION social media platform marketplace!

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This is the page where you get information about new platform features and Pro Equity Membership Perks and more as we expand the platform leading to our platform launching on the public marketplace on Wall Street very soon.