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It's On Madame Speaker!
We will see you shortly!
We will Shut you Down!
Several Thousand Angry Political Bikers


Hundreds of Pro Trump Bikers will assist with security at the Latinos For Trump Rally free of charge in New York City on November 16th!
Feel free to make a donation on our page via our donate button to offset costs.
Thousands are going to be there we hope you will be too.
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Hundreds of Bikers who were on Capitol Hill today to protest the Witch Hunt Sham Impeachment Inquiry Vote were blocked from entering the House Chambers today and now vow to seek out the lawless Adam Schiff & Maxine Watters & Nancy Pelosi to confront them about their illegal activities to subvert 63 million voters will in the 2016 election and prevent them from usurping the will of the voters in the 2020 election. "We will make their lives hell until they can cite just one high crime or misdemeanor..." - said one of the groups organizers. "We will stand our ground until these shenanigans by the lawless left are abandoned"- said another biker who chose to remain anonymous citing the left is "Hell Bent on making America a Shithole Country the way Obama is still trying to make it from his mansion in DC using stolen tax payer money".
More updates soon.
If you want to help their efforts, hit the donate button here on their page.
(Picture below used for example purposes to protect their identities)

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We now have a Facebook Friend Inviter button and here's a short instruction video on how to find it. Let's invite as many of our Facebook friends as possible. Help us build our PolitiChatter community today!

BREAKING: Rashida Tlaib goes Full Racist against Black Community.
Just days after her "They all look alike" statement at the Detroit Facial recognition meeting this rabid racist squad member has gone full racist and the media has remained silent. They are obviously protecting her out of fear that her supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood may retaliate with her blessing. She said in Detroit that she got John Lewis and Elijah Cummings confused all the time (as in her they all look alike statement) and just days after Representative Cummings passed away she was caught on a hot microphone saying "I guess I won't be getting John and Elijah confused anymore" and was heard laughing after she said this in some kind of sick joke manor on Capitol Hill while Representative Cummings was due to arrive in a casket at the Capitol Rotunda early Thursday October 24th. Updates and audio coming so stay with us.

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