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Lock & Load November 4th! (Time to thin the herd!)
The leader of ANTIFA has warned that “white parents” and “business owners” across America will be beheaded by millions of #antifa “supersoliders” on November 4th.

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93 Days of Darkness || Qanon Drops are Back || Drops 3571-3574 || November 02, 2019
- has posted the latest drops found on Qresearch Channel
Here is a review of what Meltdown Media found

Obama isn't the Antichrist but he's preparing us for Its arrival.

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Watch this video and then pass it on to all of your friends on fascistbook and all your social media. Once you have figured out how to do it, you can invite them 50 a day to join you here and on most other social media sites.

How to Export Your Facebook Friends List, Contacts to Gmail, Excel, Outlook csv, vcard, vcf for Mac

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