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We want to thank the creators of PolitiChatter for allowing us to be on the platform. While we do not agree with many users on this site and their views we respect the fact that we are being allowed to participate and hope to engage in some productive debate without name calling like many media outlets portray us to convey.


End the Impeachment it's the right thing to do:
With the tragic passing of Elijah Cummings this morning we are calling upon Speaker Pelosi to Censure Adam Schiff & end the impeachment proceedings of President Trump. Our people are better served by focusing on winning at the ballot box rather than further being viewed by Republicans as the movement that wants to do what they do and obstruct the will of the people.
This will honor the memory of Elijah Cummings much more than our current direction.
He would have wanted it this way.
Godspeed Elijah!

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  • We Resist the current administration and disagree with the direction it is trying to take us in.