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In the predawn hours of January 25th longtime Trump Advisor Roger Stone's home was raided by 29 FBI agents and he was arrested, taken into custody and was charged with lying to Congress and two related charges. Roger Stone, who remains a strong defender of the President, has emphatically pled NOT GUILTY and has vowed to fight to clear his name.

Two solid years of the fake news media falsely predicting Stone would be charged with Russian Collusion or Treason have virtually destroyed his ability to make a living. The Stones have been forced out of their home, used up all of their savings, lost most of their insurance, yet Roger Stone has refused to bow to this pressure and will fight at trial in Washington, DC this November for total vindication.

Roger Stone's legal defense is projected to cost as much as $2 million. He urgently needs your help. Please contribute generously to the Stone Legal Defense fund today. 100% of contributions are used to defray Roger Stone’s legal expenses and raise more money for his defense.

Please act today!

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  • Roger Stone did nothing wrong.