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  • Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root. Conservative Warrior. Middle Class warrior. ALWAYS Trump Warrior.

    I'm the only conservative in America with a national TV show, nationally-syndicated talk radio show, and a nationally-syndicated newspaper column. I'm also a best-selling conservative author. My latest book is published on February 10th, 2020 titled, "TRUMP RULES."

    I have a message for patriots across America:

    President Trump is making America Great Again- just as he promised. He is the only president in my lifetime who is keeping his promises. And his biggest promise is to build that wall. But President Trump can only do it with our help.
    If Congress won’t fund President Trump’s wall…WE WILL!
    Anyone who donates $100 or more will get a unique and exclusive commemorative wall brick…so you can show your family, friends and co-workers you drew a line in the sand. Display your brick PROUDLY!
    Your brick is proof positive you helped