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Have you ever wanted to track your effectiveness? That is to say, see how many times somebody has seen your memes? It can be done if you sign-up with an account on .

Case in point: The meme below: 631,357 views in only 11 months!
Breaking News: Counting Expert Called In to aid Iowa Democrat Caucus

601,765 views in only 3 months!

All you need do is post the meme anywhere, but along with it, post the title of the meme and the imgflip link TO the meme. Each one of the hits above was to a different person, so as you can see, this meme has been seen by over 600K people worldwide in 3 months!

Breaking News: Expert Counting Expert Called in to Aid Iowa Caucus - Imgflip

Breaking News: Expert Counting Expert Called in to Aid Iowa Caucus - Imgflip

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#Cancel AmazonPrime
Amazon Prime stock has crashed over the weekend to less than 50% of it's original value! #CancelLeftism!

17 days ago - Translate - Youtube

#Military #tribunals are #underway.
The arrests of the Deep State conspirators is under way as we speak. Don't expect there to be much on the mainstream media about it as many of these Deep State actors won't be reporting much about it from their cells in GITMO. There are over 192,000 arrest warrants. I seriously doubt there is enough room for all of them at GITMO. They will most likely be held at military bases around the country, which would explain all of the recent activities at Nellis AFB, and area 51. There should be plenty of room for them there as well as at multiple FEMA camp locations around our country and military installations within our territories.

The #Insurrection #Act has now been #deployed!
Watch "Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP 1.10.2

Deep State hangings begin Monday!
Grab some popcorn and your favorite adult beverage.
Let the carnage begin! Let the bodies hit the floor (or the end of the rope!)

Presented in the Public Interest by Hardcore Conservative Patriots for Donald Trump
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I got word early this morning from a close friend in Military Intelligence that Trump will be invoking the Insurrection Act within the next 4 days. He's got the Democrats where he wants them now, and things will rapidly change in our favor within the next 3-4 days! Within a matter of days, GITMO will be standing room only. You can bet there will be rioting, so be prepared. Stock up on groceries and medical necessities to last 2-4 weeks.

If possible, buy as much ammo as you can find available. You're going to need it.

P.S. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey: When you get to GITMO, shower with your coveralls on and don't bend over to pick-up the soap!

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