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Sadly, many in/of our Leadership has moved to other locations, so our #RattleWithUs #TEAParty (SEMi) has dissolved. I was the Writing Committee Chair! While our official Website is gone, THANKFULLY, we hooked up with #BeforeItsNews a few years back to Archive many of our great authors' pieces! Hope you check out and consider sharing some at:

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< 60 days 2 #Election2020
Is there anyone so STUPID 2 not understand that #CENSORSHIP at Twatter, FascistBook (which I've been on suspension since #4thOfJuly), YouTube, & Google is not going to be put on STEROIDS?
more: (see #Videos b4 they're pulled)

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Did I miss something, or did Atlanta DA egregiously omit the detail that Officer Rolfe was telling Brooks "keep breathing" and "stay with me Mr. Brooks" as he administered CPR?

But the mob is angry, so they might put a lethal injection in the cop's arm

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