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After 23 years living successfully in the same small town, a person expects to life to continue as it ever was, don't they??? With a respectable reputation, professional background of superior performance, credential that reflect considerable contribution to the community, every indication that relations with local authorities are courteous with no unpleasant encounters on record, in 23 years.
Life can flip on a dime, folks, for no good reason or cause. And the state of our nation has departed from civility.
Despite my admirable background, unimpeachable reputation, unmistakable superior standards everything was confiscated. My identity was altered with false information that had no evidentiary support, and never required any. It began in 2015, and still the shock has not worn off. Still no assistance or defense can be found.
How could this happen in the United States of America? As bad as it has ever seemed, it is almost impossible to believe this has been done to my children and myself. Yet, here I am, and I will never be convinced that I am mistaken about the accuracy of my knowledge about the crimes against me. I am not wrong. War crimes, most heinous. Sincerely. I wish it was all a delusion. The sound doctrine I have accumulated fully verifies the horrifying truth. Sound doctrine, not one false word have I uttered. Still not one solitary individual will help me. WTF???

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As crazy as it seems, I have to conclude that the creatire that calls itself my sister keeps her house septic so that she can use it as a threat. Every time she 'pitches a fit' part of the narrative is theat of health inspection. Could you imagine??? Keeping your home so nasty it is hazardous intentionally. Using that filth to exploit anyone unfortunate enough to be forced to be there.
Every attempt I have made to clean or organize results in contempt and more stuff being added. Fold some clothes and stack them neatly, she goes out and returns with the contents of an apartment that was left by the road. Nightstand, totes full of gift bags... Useless items never to be used, except as an obstacle course.
I have never before, and hope to never again, observed a person who could own two pets, large dogs, and never take them outside. Ever. One stays in her bedroom, which is cluttered to the point of walking space only. Her bed is the dogs toilet, folks... ??
The other dog uses the kitchen. Clean up is not a priority. She will occasionally get excited and pretend she is going to clear everything out. The toxic person's technique to manipulate others to do the work while she supervises, critisizes and takes credit for anything amd everything. Except for what she fucks up... That is what anyone else gets credit for, and thereby degraded, and I mean savage degradation. According to the way she speaks, she despises herself. It must be horrible to live inside her mind. Seriously, she mercilessly evicerates whomever has her displeasure in any given moment, describing herself, though.
Everybody is ungrateful, worthless pieces of shit, lazy, useless, stealing from her, she loves to use the word cunt. It is vulgar, shock value. She likes to tell people they should kill themselves. She emmasculates every man she entangles in her sickening coccoon. It is sad, it is ourageous, and it is sickening.

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  • Throughout history we the people have been unsuspecting guinea pigs. Every one of us, every corner of the world. We are an endless progression of experiments. Physical, emotional, biological, psychological, neurological.
    We have been poisoned in so many different ways, different means of delivery, the results never divulged. In fact no information is released until 10 years later, once they have implemented some program that has proven effective for the extermination agenda. We are being exterminated. All of us. Mankind. They are terraforming earth for AI. They will serve as organic portals for the wickedness... The fallen watchers.