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We have turned the page.Liberal press ratings are dropping. After the Mueller report, the media has no credibility. Bill Barr is out for blood. Democrats have no narrative and have spent the last two years with no legislation. They are eating themselves.

Barr has them in his sights. He is neither intimidated nor afraid. In his zeal to find out why this hoax got started when the Special Counsel found no collusion, he will investigate the following:
Hillary Clinton
James Comey
Andrew McCabe
Lisa Page
Donna Brazille DNC chair
All those guys who cleaned Hillary's servers & destroyed phones
News media

That's just a start. Some will talk for lenient sentences & others will go down. Then we get to Loretta Lynch and the big boo boo, Obama, who was behind it all.

RIP Democratic Party.


2 months ago

Nike has this all planned out to keep the thug market loyal to them. Kaepernick is stupid and an unwitting pawn in the corporate marketing plan of a bunch of rich white guys he serves. By producing the shoes and having Kaepernick "offended" so Nike sides with the black guy with a conscience for slavery, they pull their core thug market in closer. They don't care if we are offended. This is a marketing plan pure & simple. Does anyone truly Laepernick, with an IQ under 100, thought this up?

2 months ago

Today is the Fourth of July. Independence Day. Our country’s birthday and the genesis of all we have become.

President Trump is planning a parade. The left is freaking out. Why? Because it will instill patriotism in viewers. It will celebrate our defenders. It will display our strength. It or a tribute of all we have produced to be the greatest country in the world. It will promote patriotism.

I’m now convinced more than ever the left is purely anti American. They hate this. Well, so be it. Swallow hard cupcakes, you are gonna see a lot more of this until every speck of your liberal asses are gone. You can’t take from us and hate the hand that feeds you for long. It’s good we are divided. We can now see the impurity’s clearly.

God Bless America.

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