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Oxford Street, 3rd of August 2019 (Saturday)

BE There: Make politicians, the government, Antifa, liberals, Mike Stuchbery & Owen Jones cry!

Info: Danny Tommo @RealDannyTommo

#WeAreComing #OhTommyTommy #PoliticalPrisoner #EnoughIsEnough

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Belgium Health Experts Demand Investigation Of WHO For Faking Coronavirus Pandemic

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UK STASI Police arrest 73 yr old man for not wearing a mask

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live stream from penally wales where locals fight police over the dumping of 250 fighting age immigrants in a village of 800 mostly elderly
22 mins in to that youtube video the locals got violent the police lost 👊💥🖕😎🇬🇧🥳

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looks like at 42 mins uk police have killed or seriously injured someone as they have to be carried away dead or unconscious PAST the ambulance to police van

sadiq khan mayor of london gets savaged watch how rest of labour act, they don't like it so want him thrown out.

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