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We just saw this in our Twitter Feed where someone was asking the new owners of the old Trump Town platform that is now called Mumblit a question. Zoom in to read the back and forth.

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* WARNING, your constitutional rights are at risk!
* Big Tech IS limiting your free speech, PERIOD.
* Their denials are contempt of Congress (unlawful).
* Very similar to the gun control debate (unconstitutional).

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FACT: There's No Hate Speech Exemption to Free Speech. No Matter How Much The Left Cries, There Isn't and Never Will Be!

#FreeSpeech #HateSpeech #TuckerCarlson #AI #TheBoldConservative

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  • Trump Town has been sold and has changed its name leaving their users confused and displaced. This is a place to gather on PolitiChatter and discuss President Trump & all Trumpian related topics.