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Members of #Antifa #BlackLivesMatter @CNN @MSNBC @TheDemocrats are actively harassing and intimidating supporters of Donald J. Trump at the #TrumpRallyTulsa.
One crazed Rioter has committed suicide on Denver Avenue and Looting is underway in Tulsa right now!
The Trump campaign is blaming tonight’s turnout which has fallen well short of their expectations to protestors “interfering with supporters” attempting to gain access to the Trump events.
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What Trump did in partnering the public and private sectors so that speedy testing could be had by all Americans is nothing short of genius. He is not spending billions of tax dollars on Government testing sites. He is using companies like Walmart, Walgreens, CVC, and Target. Google will be used to gather information as to whether or not a person should be tested. He put this plan together in two weeks. Brilliant


As the Media Jackals have been attempting to have their”gotcha moment” unable to hide their downright giddiness in seeing the financial downturn—-

This President head down, undeterred, and relentless, went to work nonstop, coalescing the brightest intelligentsia across public and private sectors, taking the sledgehammer to the mounds of red tape, and regulations, compliments of the do nothing congresses, and senates of the last several decades—

And in just two weeks this President has streamlined a process for pandemic episodes, which will not only greatly mitigate the suffering and death in this current crisis, but puts in place, an envy of the world, model for any future events..

This rapid response made possible by Trump Administrations foresight in reaching out to the pioneers in the 1980’s HIV crisis, who were tasked with creating as rapidly as possible, methods, task, and procedures, to bring reliable testing procedures, then vaccines, or treatments—it took them six years..Now equipped with this prior knowledge they were able to reach this same place in just two weeks with this corona virus pandemic.

In a very short time, every American will be able to with the partnership with Google, enter their symptoms, and it will inform them if they need to be tested, then dispatch them
to a local CVS. Walgreen, Walmart’s, and be tested at a drive through site..then be notified within 24 hrs of a result
For home bound seniors the Trump Administration have partnered with home health concerns who will be dispatched to do test at the seniors home...

The Jackals Have Been shamed, yet they are too moral-less and bubble proof to realize it yet
—but to a majority of Americans they have been shamed and forever discredited.
As President Trump and his able partners talked, informed, and took questions the stock market went up, up, up, going from a few hundred up to almost 2000 up in mere all myths of the media were debunked—

And our "one of a kind American President", navigating America through this difficult moment—excellence and leadership were self evident, and could not be denied...There it was for all to see—bold, decisive, innovative, determined, and being guided by God.

God Blessed America when he gifted us this great man!!!


"Is it coincidence that just when the economy is booming, the stock market is setting record highs, we are winning the trade wars, school shootings have stopped and our nation is at peace and it looks like Trump is a sure bet for reelection after fending off 3 years of investigations and impeachment, then all the sudden world crisis pandemic. Stock market tumbles, companies are laying off employees, everything is closed and cancelled ect.

Now they say there are a couple ways a President doesn't win reelection. Those are an unpopular war or a poor economy. I can't help but think there is something larger going on here driving this sudden outbreak right after Trump beats an impeachment. Especially the fact that it originated in China who we are in a global trade war with brought on by Trump. I am sure China doesn't want 4 more years of Trump either. I am not a conspiracy theorist but it all seems rather convenient for the nations and opponents of our current President and economy 5 months before an election. Couldn't have hit at a more perfect time.

With the Democrats running out of campaign talking points in light of no school shootings, no migrant caravans at the southern border, fighting in Syria winding down, North Korea not firing missiles and Trump beating a sham impeachment. The corona virus gave them one last hail mary to try and point fingers at Trump with the clock winding down on 2020.

This is almost the perfect fascist playbook. Control the population with fear mongering and panic, control the media and propaganda, and the fan favorite disarm the population.

I guess I am a skeptic. Sorry but I don't think we are all going to die. Remember when Ebola was what was going to kill us all, and the media kept showing the piles of body bags that were prepared for the fallout. Then a month later it was totally forgotten. I wish people could just go about their lives until this plays out. I'll worry when there is a significant death toll like nearing a million or something. A handful of deaths out of 320 million Americans and we are in panic tearing down our society and costing our economy billions in the wake. It all just seems fishy, a little too well timed if you ask me."


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