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The 2020 election will be the most important election of our lifetime. We must re-elect President Trump, retain the Senate and flip the House back to Republican Control. We must defeat the communists and socialists that are infesting America. We must continue to build more wall, deport illegal aliens and stand up to leftists hell bent on destroying America! This will be a hard fought battle but we will prevail if we continue to fight!
We are Beefing up our War Chest & we ask you to contribute what you can today at . Every dollar will be well spent on our campaign to do exactly what we described above and we will send you some stickers as a Thank You if you give $25 or more!
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Pocahontas has TDS so bad now she thinks everything Trump does is Racist! Here is the video proof! She is truly Deranged & unfit to serve in any office and even unfit to serve french fries! She supports The Squad too! Help us Defeat her & The Squad today at and spread the word!

FYI - Mojado is the Spanish word for Wetback!

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Watch Full coverage of the Salute To America LIVE from Washington DC here! This is coverage the lamestream media refuses to carry!

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