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| Tipping Point - Hunter Biden's Atrocious Art with Michael Johns

Hunter Biden's Atrocious Art with Michael Johns

June 14, 2021
Not a new revelation!
Being on 6 platforms + twitter brings a new perspective & realization of who is doing what in 'social media'.
Today "TWIITER' has attacked & stripped followers. Why? No explanation.
With so may other avenues of expression & fair play being done on so may platforms, the "WHY TO STAY" is formost in the mind.
Collecting followers to listen, learn & communicate with like minded. To have them stripped, canceled or banned by an ideologue driven management team with algorithms designed to do just that is unconscionable in any world.
STOP PROCRASTINATING: "POLITICHATTER.COM" , "MAGABOOK" OR "ANONUP" are just a few. Some more active than others, ALL with no censorship & smart people writing, posting & commenting.
The platform is not involved in your posts. YES they advertise, however, not by algorithm or false claims.
Just a thought.

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Hi friends, joined a couple of years ago and never used the site. It seems like maybe a nice alternative to Twitter, which I always really enjoyed but so sick of the censorship and shadowbanning. It's pointless!

Would love to gain some followers and find new people to follow back. Any guidance from some Politichatter veterans?

Have a great day

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