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9 months ago

My name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon's next Governor. One of my campaign promises is to add at least one million jobs to Oregon's economy. I will accomplish my goal in three steps. Step one will be to cut the restrictions on our industries. Step two is to create tax incentives for businesses. Step three will be to create the Oregon Economical Development Committee (OEDC).
First, I will cut the restrictions on our logging industries, fishing industries and our marijuana industries. I will allow our forests to be thinned and our forest floors to be cleaned. Nearly every Oregon county will need loggers and laborers. I can see ten to twenty thousand new jobs in logging alone. Next, I want to cut the restrictions and invest into our fishing industry. I want to invest in researching fish migrations, water temperatures as well as water current. I will set the market at our ports and I will start a national advertising campaign designed to promote our fishing industries nationally. I can see at least five to ten thousand new jobs in our fishing industries I believe that our marijuana and hemp industries are highly profitable and it employees younger people who would otherwise be unemployed. It is my belief that if we are going to tax these industries... we should start a national campaign to promote our marijuana as well as our hemp industries. This will add countless new jobs to Oregon.
Step two of my plan will be to create tax incentives for businesses that open in certain areas of Oregon and for hiring a certain number of legal Oregon residents. The smaller the county and the more residents that business hires... the bigger the tax incentive will be. This part of my plan will spread our economic growth all over Oregon. As more industries come to Oregon, there will also be a growth in commercial jobs. Gas stations, grocery stores and other small businesses will pop up all over Oregon and they will be hiring.
The final step of my plan is to create the Oregon Economic Development Committee (OEDC). Their job will be to promote Oregon as a premiere location to open business. Their role is to help bring new industries to Oregon. Their first tasks will be to add at least four Ford manufacturing plants to Oregon and to help negotiate a massive sports entertainment deal.
I firmly believe that I can accomplish my goal if I am elected as Oregon's next governor. Please, like and follow my campaign. Redeem Oregon and vote Duncan for governor.

Real Solutions to Real Issues

Hello everyone... My name is Mark Duncan and I am running as Oregon's next Governor. For far too long our politics has been decided by popularity politics, gender bait politics and race bait politics. It is time for Oregon to look past politics as usual and it is time for real representation by real Americans. It is time for real solutions to real issues. Please, like and follow my campaign to become Oregon's next governor

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