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Facebook deletes "President Trump is Our President" page with 3 million + followers.

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Not everyone will agree and I'm ok with that. We are all entitled to our opinions. The following was written by someone else but I absolutely agree with it.
Impeachment...each and every one of you should pray, this doesn’t happen...and, I’ll tell you why. For 8 years, we sat silent, while Obama divided our nation. He used identity politics, race warfare, and class warfare to divide us all. Obama thrust universal healthcare upon us and we sat silent. In the meantime, Hillary and Obama let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, while they watched on closed circuit tv. Again, we were silent. We watched Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazil rig a primary against Bernie Sanders. We saw Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Attorney General at the time) sit on a flight line, only to find that Hilary was exonerated for any crime; regarding her acid washed / bleach bit server and 33,000 deleted emails. Again, we were silent...We have watched our duly elected president harassed each and every day, for 3 years; even though he has put millions back to work, brought jobs back to America, stood up to our adversaries, and fought like hell to protect our borders. Now, we see Joe Biden leveraging $1 Billion American dollars for his son. However, the Democrats and the media only care about impeaching Trump! So, I can tell you with the utmost certainty...if you are successful in your witch-hunt, we will NOT be silent!!! You will see a revolution you cannot even fathom! Tread lightly...🇺🇸
Borrowed. GOD please protect your chosen.
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