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For those of you who have been off fighting immigration and helping Trump get elected in 2020. @SCrowder has been demonetized from YouBathTub. Absolutely stupid but then again, that's what happens when we're dont stand up and fight against this crap.
The Gay guy on Vox (I will not speak its name) cried and got his feelings hurt and YouTube at first said that @SCrowder had done nothing to violate the terms. The Gay guy cried more... More tears till YouTube took action. Unacceptable and something must be done!

Can someone please explain to me how completely stupid, ignorant people like @AOC and @IllhanMN get elected? Absolutely Asinine

Thanks for joining and please feel free to jump in whenever.
Lets start this off with a good one... The states passing Abortion laws.
Georgia and Alabama have made waves the last week, sparking major controversy.

Personally, I am adopted (3 days old) so we all know where I stand!

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