Pay attention to the products you buy. They are lowering the content while keeping the same high price.

Beer is now 11.2 ounces per can and bottle.
Down from 12 ounces.

Bleach was 11% active ingredient. Now it is down to 6%, and even 3%.

Hydrogen Peroxide is down to 3%.

They can all do that, because 4 companies now own the 147 companies that own everything you buy. They are now corporate price fixing under the NWO democracy.

In the past, when gas prices fluctuated, so did the prices of goods. That no longer applies, because we are no longer under a Capitalist free market economy. Under the free market, companies would compete against each other for your business. Companies would have to give you the best quality at the lowest price to ensure you bought THEIR products.

But now that all goods are owned by just 4 companies that collude, you are stuck with the quality and price they dictate! YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!

They can do this to you, because they have replaced Capitalism with a new form of communism called democracy. It is the NWO government ideology being installed everywhere on earth.

Right under your sleeping noses!


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