echo '

Every 40 years or so in this country, we experience the rise of radical liberalism. We had a run of it with Jimmie Carter in 1976 - about 40 years ago. What followed was Reagan, an outsider who was constantly pelted by the press. They never gave him a break, even though he was one of their own. An actor in Hollywood and a newscaster.
Reagan, like Trump was a patriot and outside the norm. He ended the cold war with Russia. He set the stage for the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. He spoke from his heart and wrote his own speeches. We loved him.
So, now we have the uber left ver 2.0. This Democratic Party is not just after control to shape America. They are out to destroy anything American. They are all armed with their own privately funded storm troopers - Antifa, and are violent. They lie. They deceive and I think much more. They hold power here & there & have infiltrated our political system.
These are the Hell spawn minions for the NWO 9/11 attack. Shadowy figures behind the scenes propping up these evil power hungry fools to destroy us. There is a complicit media who only shows the propaganda they want to show and ignore the good. They are dangerous.
We citizens are helpless in the fight except for one thing. There are about 70 million of us and we stand behind this president no matter what. You have to wonder why anyone would oppose what he is doing. Well, in a previous piece I wrote, it is explained. He stopped the NWO here in America the Bush 41 started. I won't explain it here again, but the party is over. Trump has arrested the criminals at our doorstep.
Now, for the show as each one of these pedophile commie bastards gets brought up on charges of treason and sentenced. It's the Nixon cabinet all over again.