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The country is polarized. There are no moderates or independents or swing voters. There is only the left wing socialists and the right wing American value patriots. We are no longer conservatives. That is too passive, given the political environment of today. We need to identify ourselves as "The Right." No ambiguity and no interest in talking to liberal leftists anymore. They will never be swayed. They are the enemy of the Republic and therefore, they are my enemy.

The Trump campaign has made the same assessment. They are not targeting independents, because there are none. Everyone is in one armed camp or another. You are either a fire breathing patriot or a left wing socialist Nazi. Enough of the PC. I don't mince my words because some panty waist liberal is offended. FU.

Freedom is not free and never has been. Look at our history, which the left wants to tarnish and bury.

We won our independency from an oppressive country who sought to enslave us and steal our product and have us toil under their thumbs forever. We rose up with guns and fought & beat them. People died in pursuit of the one thing we hod dear - freedom.

The Civil War (or as we Southerners call it The War Between the States). Passionate men on both sides over essentially the same issue as the Revolutionary War - the North making a colony of the South. States rights was the issue, oppression was the match and freedom was the fire and what was fought for. Men died. Freedom lived and an entire culture was freed from oppression. At least until 1962 when the Southern Democrats put them back into economic slavery, but that's another story.

Two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and not one single war was for the US to gain territory. We fought for Freedom for mankind.

Now, freedom is under attack. But it will be defeated. But like a snake in the grass, you con't reason with it. The minds are forever brainwashed with the lies. They won't change. They can only be put back into that bottle they ooze out of every forty years. We need action. We need a voice. I am here to stand for ti. Who's with me? I am Thee Right. We are Thee Right.