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The Secret that should never have been a Secret
(For those who keep asking me - Xaniel)
YOU ARE THE POWER ! You always were.
1. All you need to do is think it (Mind/Desire),
2. know it will happen no matter what and beyond any doubt (Faith/Belief),
3. feel it with great emotion (Heart - part of the very meaning of The Immaculate Heart ),
4. and release that powerful energy from Zero Point (YOU) outward in All directions of the visible and invisible Universe.
5. The Universe then gives you what you asked for, so be careful what you ask for.
Remember the saying; ' With great power comes great responsibility.' There is a Karma effect to your actions. What you send out always comes back to you in one way or another. This means if your desires are mean, harmful or worse, then these things will equally come back to you. Keep desires positive!
6.This Secret that should never have been a Secret, is your gift and rite as a co-creator. You were born with it. You were never a victim, so stop living like one and start living the reality that you have chosen and created. Don't like your current reality, then create a new one!
7. And once again I say, "YOU ARE THE POWER ! YOU ALWAYS WERE !!"~~~ Xaniel Lightshadow

BONUS TIP: When you see the desire you want/need, (whatever it may be), see it in your reality as though you have already received it.
ALLOW yourself to have this and DON'T get in your own way - (Meaning: doubts, feelings of worthiness, ect.)
And " DON'T PANIC " if it doesn't appear right away, as the Universe is working out the circumstances for you to receive this particular desire. But also, don't be too surprised if your desire does happen to appear instantly as that will happen if the circumstances were pretty much in alignment already.~~~ Xaniel Lightshadow