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When we hear about the swamp and deep state people must realize that it is not just about politics it is about high ranking politicians involved in sex trafficking, the pedophilia ring, the drug trafficking.... why do think the commie dems are trying to stop' President Trump any way they can ...they fear him...why do you think he signed the bill for pedophilias and the consequences,,,why do you think LOLITA ISLAND was set on fire...why do you think there was a fire at Clinton's estate...these two fires were to destroy evidence of ALL THE CORRUPTION.... the only reason they want so desperately want to stop President Trump...because he is the LION AND THE WRECKING BALL OF ALL THE COMMIE DEMS FILTHY CORRUPTION and THE CLINTON MAFIA... TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DIED WITH THE CLINTON CONNECTION... THE TRIBUNALS ARE NOW IN EFFECT AND THE COMMIE DEMS ARE SCARED TO DEATH... SO PEOPLE BRACE YOURSELF WHEN EVERYTHING COMES OUT... ALSO GITMO HAS BEEN EXPANDED AND REMODELED... GEORGE SOROS IS GIVING THE MONEY FOR ALL THIS CORRUPTION... THINK ABOUT THE ABORTIONS AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD...THIS ORGANIZATION DOES NOT CARE FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS ...THE WOMEN ARE THE COMMODITY TO KEEP PLANNED PARENTHOOD A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR ORGANIZATION... They sell the baby parts and being used for rituals and all the likes of it. please listen to the video about the update on the pedophilia...knowledge is power ... and the commie dems do not want the American people educated on who the commie dems really represent...they are all SATAN'S DISCIPLES...BE AN INFORMED VOTER!!!!!!