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ONE LAST MORNING POST ... maybe. In all seriousness, folks, what we witnessed this morning when St. Pelosi took the impeachment stage was a LEGAL FOLDING OF THE TENT on impeachment. St. Pelosi, because she is filled with such wisdom, realizes they CANNOT PROVE A REAL CRIME. So they've crafted flimsy "abuse of power for political gain" and "obstruction of Congress by refusing to testify" on which to vote in their HOUSE OF HATE.
Any lawyer with half a legal brain knows that the Constitution does not allow impeachment and removal from office based on these kinds of broad, political, non-criminal swipes by an opposing party. If a President from either party could be removed from office for "acting in his own political interest" or for refusing to appear before Congress to testify, we'd have an endless series of "impeachments" from here to eternity. Not to mention the grand hypocrisy noted in some of my earlier satirical posts this morning.
Adding proof to my argument ... that in reality St. Nancy is looking for a way to gracefully fold her impeachment tent ... is the fact that IN THE SAME BREATH SHE IS ANNOUNCING SUPPORT FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP'S trade deal among the USA, Mexico, and Canada. She's trying to shift the focus away from Shifty and impeachment now, and put the focus back on the idea that Congress is actually doing something.
Bottom line: NANCY PELOSI HATES TRUMP, BUT EVEN MORE, SHE HATES THE IDEA OF LOSING THE HOUSE AND NOT BEING "SPEAKER" AGAIN. She's an idiot, but she isn't so stupid that she can't see the voter handwriting on the political wall. She realizes the Democrat Party, under her lack of leadership, has dug itself a huge (that's right, I used the Trumpian word "huge" hole for 2020.
So, what we have this morning is actually GOOD NEWS, politically speaking, for those who truly love America, love this roaring economy, want their neighbors to have jobs, and cherish our Constitution. We're seeing the beginning of the end and final unraveling of the radical left "impeachment" baloney. Sure, there will be a vote and likely an "impeachment" by the House, because at this point St. Nancy has left herself no choice ... but it will go nowhere other than as a "talking point" in radical left-wing circles as we approach 2020. We the People will win again in the White House, and St. Pelosi might be out of a job in her Hate House.
And now, I really must get back to work.