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Today's Rant: End the Lockdown, the pandemic is over
Ok folks, the math on this is so simple even Biden can understand it:
* The number of "positive" CV19 cases is staggering. BUT, the number of people with symptoms is almost zero.
* Why? Well, if you test "positive" is only means you have the CV19 antibody. If you have the CV19 antibody and no symptoms it means you are over it and you have immunity!!!
* So, all those people who are positive with no symptoms are not contagious and cannot get the CV19. They are now part of the herd immunity. It means that the CV19 "pandemic" is OVER... I mean O V E R!
* All these leftists are saying we must wear a mask and social distance, that is total BS. If anyone does get symptoms, there are CURES available: HZZ (99.2%), IVVC (~95%), and Blood Serum (98%) are all proven to work.

This "pandemic" is over, so end the lockdowns, end the mandatory masks (which can be very dangerous), and end all the other leftist BS.