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Out of the darkness came charging on thunder,
Lights all a many and dazzling with wonder,
To what do we ask of this ominous sight,
To what do we need of its terrible might?
Come with all fury and magic and lore,
Trample and dash and pierce and more,
Rid from out sight this horrible mess,
This COVID-19 is causing distress,
The creature drew back and huge eyes appeared,
"Tis simple y'all and not to be feared,"
"Just take off the mask, you idiot fools,"
"Ignore the distance and other such rules,"
"The cure you have; just ask Doctor Z,"
"No need for precautions, just look and see!"
The thunder departed, and clouds they did clear,
The spirit of obvious did disappear,
So learn we must from this spirit of old,
Listen to reason, don't do as you're told.

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