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Today's Rant: Welcome in 2021
2021 is coming. It will not be an easy year, not by a long shot.
1) There will be riots, looting, murders, and arson by the left. It will not matter who "wins" the Presidency. They are prepared for a massive riot and they will do it.
2) The lockdowns will continue. Even if (and big if) the "vaccines" work, they will find another excuse like "it mutated, the vaccines are no good", or "we have another disease out there now", or "it worked with CV19, we need to keep the lockdowns for the Flu"...
3) The legal system will completely break down. It will become who can dox the jurors and threaten their families. Once antifa realizes that they can commit any crime and get no punishment, it is all bets off.
4) Taxes will skyrocket. Who will be paying for all the bailouts, the "stimulus money", and the trillions we are "giving" to other countries? Yea... you guessed it: The Taxpayers! Get used to your paycheck or your retirement being halved. Get ready for the new "savings" tax which will inflict a 15% / year tax on money you have in bank accounts or retirement accounts. Be prepared for a "stock tax" (like they have in several European countries) that will tax you half to 2/3rds of your capital gains whether you sell your stocks or not. (My guess is here it will be tied to the DJIA.)

Now... If Biden is "elected" then expect things to be MUCH worse.
1) Re-education camps for Trump supporters. If you live in states like Michigan, Illinois, or California then be prepared to be shipped to a nice vacant landfill for socialist indoctrination. Be prepared to have all of your property seized and your children taken away by CPS because you are "fostering a hostile environment".
2) Be ready to have your car seized if it is determined that it is a "gas guzzler" or "pollution creator".
3) Be ready for rolling blackouts as coal fired electricity is eliminated (about 24% of what we use today), followed by the elimination of natural gas generated (about 38%) meaning you will get less than half the power you had in 2020. That will be followed by the rest of the green agenda and the elimination of nuclear power plants (about 20%). That will mean that the US will generate less than 1/4 of the electricity it did in 2020. But then, certain people and businesses will get priority on that remaining power, so do not expect to get any electricity at all.
4) Get ready to turn over all your guns. The left cannot afford to have any armed citizens. Well, unless you are a registered leftist, in which case you will be given a card that allows you to have weapons to protect yourself from "nazis"... oh, and also the ability to kill "nazis" whenever you see them.
5) Get ready for socialized medicine. It will be based on the successful British system where those in power get care, but anyone who is out of work, or retired is given "end of life counseling". If you think the nursing home genocide was bad, then just wait for the "medical review boards".

All that being said, Have a Happy New Year, but Be Prepared!