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“The FBI considers human trafficking modern day slavery and the minors engaged in commercial sex trafficking are considered victims,” the assistant FBI director said. “While this operation surged resources over a limited period of time with great success, the FBI and our partners investigate child sex trafficking every day of the year and around the clock.”

But I never hear the Left talk about THIS KIND OF SLAVERY. Do they talk about THIS in their 1619 Education program? I doubt it. They don't want anyone to know that this is going on and largely being practiced by Illegal Migrants who kidnap children just to use them as a means of getting into USA. And then, once hear, they pimp them out. But the Left doesn't want you to know about that, because that might ruin their agenda of conning you into thinking that all migrants are just nice people fleeing persecution.

US Marshalls Rescue 33 Missing Children in ‘Operation Lost Angels’

US Marshalls Rescue 33 Missing Children in ‘Operation Lost Angels’

More than 30 children were rescued by U.S. Marshalls from human trafficking in Southern California, including eight who were ...