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To all my Americans and Pennsylvanians all need to stop donating to these people and don't vote for more lifelong tyrant politicians. That's why i am asking my Pennsylvanians if they want a change to write in the little guy who will fight. Government and states made it very difficult for low/middle class people to get onto ballot. So i am asking my Pennsylvanians to stand beside me to fight and write in Michael Samuels for Pennsylvania US Senator in 2022 an independent conservative who believes in our laws, constitution and the people in this great state and country. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and strangers. Lets work, fight and win together to take back what is rightfully ours, our right to freedoms and to govern ourselves and to stop government over reach and allow people to live their lives as how they wish too without government involvement. So write in the little guy in 2022 Michael Samuels Pennsylvania US Senator.