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Here goes! This frames launched from a vid link shared by Tom Tran that is linked and filled with Tells we have all been studying for a few years now and reminded me of a Significant Cathedral in New York.

Facebook Frames **Another look at the Great Reset. The Eery photos of the destruction of San Francisco 1800’s. What doesn’t add up in Historical Resets?

What is up with those Ghost Cities in China built where no one lives? How about the Alchemy involved in the Mystery of the Cathedrals? What happens with Mercury and Sulfure when a certain medium is provided? How did they know about the destruction of the twin towers depicted on the architecture of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan which is n unfinished building, with only two-thirds of the proposed building completed. Is That not Wild considering it began in 1892?**

The cathedral close includes numerous buildings: the Leake & Watts Orphan Asylum Building.
Now consider. . .

Nations post reset are kept primitive many times after mass destruction.
A lot of work is done.
False wars are waged
Much destruction of the old world takes places.

Once the restructure has been organized and suits their new false narrative, the country is opened up under this new pretense.
Initially this power structure dominates the industry.
All sectors run by this controlling hand and most everything is simply inherited, all the wealth and infrastructure repurposed and sold to the people.

Now a corrupt government takes over taxing the people to death furthering their agenda.
Now this controlling hand goes to work on other nations.
It possibly keeps these nations in a communist, political state of government until they’ve repeated the process.
They would have to destroy out of place architecture, things that would lend to a very advanced past civilization or lending to a much older and advanced civilization.
Anything over a thousand years old is definitely destroyed.
They use bombing, burning or whatever means they find suitable.
Natural disasters and communism being the perfect tool for this repurposing and restructuring of nations.
The communist nations are keeping the last secrets of the old world.
The communist government keeping Tight Control over information.

Flip through the frames to see evidence of massive cities built in China. They have almost everything one needs for a modern, urban lifestyle: high-rise apartment complexes, developed waterfronts, skyscrapers, and even public art. Everything, that is, except one major factor: people.

On the Cathedrals one can read The Mystery of the Cathedrals by Fulcanelli
Some things on Alchemy can be discussed but not all.

One having to do with an oath than cannot be broken.
A refining of substances that changes matter into. . .is it almost a living and breathing creation?
Mercury, sulfur with water as a medium is rendered into one.

So let’s look at it’s structure if you combine Mercury and Sulfur you get mercuric sulfide.
The chemical formula is HgS. It is virtually insoluble in water.
HgS is dimorphic with two crystal forms:
red cinnabar (α-HgS, trigonal, hP6, P3221), is the form in which mercury is most commonly found in nature.
black, metacinnabar (β-HgS), is less common in nature and adopts the zinc blende (T2d-F43m) crystal structure.

It is important to note that Crystals of red, α-HgS, are optically active.
Meaning Optical rotation, also known as polarization rotation or circular birefringence, is the rotation of the orientation of the plane of polarization about the optical axis of linearly polarized light as it travels through certain materials.

Circular birefringence and circular dichroism are the manifestations of optical activity.
Optical activity occurs only in chiral (not superimposable on its mirror image) materials, those lacking microscopic mirror symmetry.
Optical activity can be observed in fluids. This can include gases or solutions of chiral molecules such as sugars, molecules with helical secondary structure such as some proteins, and also chiral liquid crystals.

It can also be observed in chiral solids such as certain crystals with a rotation between adjacent crystal planes (such as quartz) or metamaterials.

Mercury metal is produced from the cinnabar ore by roasting in air and condensing the vapour.
Is a certain formula being used from Alchemy in the very foundation of these cathedrals which are in our realm?

Is someone wanting to change the energy in this realm?

Can what some call as this hidden knowledge be figured out simply by observing nature?
I am going to end this by looking once again as we all did a few years ago at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan.
Construction started: 1892
So how did they know then about the twin towers?

As stated in Untapped Cities,
These scenes of destruction are found on what is known as the Portal of Paradise, located on the Cathedral’s western facade. Added by stone carver Simon Verity between the years 1988 to 1997.
Interesting because it is also stated in Untapped Cities. . .

Fortunately, it’s not all gloom and doom. Underneath the images of devastation is a scene of resurrection. According to a representative who spoke with Gothamist, you’ll find stonemasons building a great cathedral upon the city’s ashes, just as Nehmiah built the Second Temple upon the ruins of Solomon’s temple

So more of what Jon Levi is speaking about in his video titled,
Modern Control System (San Francisco Reset) Alchemy and Cathedrals
A must watch under 20min.

Find his vid both inside the frames and in the comments of this Original Post.
See shots of Events of 1870 which returns a 403

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