What happened today? ( 04/03 )

* Alleged eyewitness suggests that China has Christian brainwashing camps and mobile units. Also noteworthy, China has asked WHO to allow them to build international vaccine registration system...

* Wild video shows car injuring 3 people, plowing into a Taco Bell

* Election Integrity: ATTENTION PATRIOTS, Trump is calling on you to boycott any/all companies that interfere in with election integrity( Delta, American Airlines, CBS News, and sponsors of MLB to name a few). GOP lawmakers are doing their part, seeking to strip MLB of antitrust protections.

* Pentagon is allowing a third base to house illegal immigrants as the border crisis continues

* Biden called Ukraine, reaffirmed US commitment to defense as Russia amasses troops at the border, recruits new troops. PatriotsRemember too: we still have not seen US response to SolarWinds attack, which was initially painted as Russian.

* NOTEWORTHY: China recently signed a 25 year defense commitment with Iran

* AOC has been outed as one of the least effective members in congress. Several lawmakers are returning campaign contributions received from AOC to distance themselves.

And Much More