What happened today? ( 04/05 )

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* Election News1 - Biden admin refuses to admit lying about Georgia voter integrity law. United Airlines has joined Delta and American Airlines, MLB, Coca-Cola and others in rebuking Georgia. GOP representatives across the board are rebuking private companies from interfering and financially censoring.

* Election News 2 - MI representative is REFUSING to testify before the state's senate over election audit procedures

* Covid News - "60 Minutes" aired a fraudulent hit piece on Ron DeSantis, leading a democratic Florida politician to speak out on his behalf. Canadian restaurant patrons are seen on video shooing out authorities trying to shut down the business.

* Immigration - Deputy Border Patrol chief says over 100,000 illegal immigrants have gotten around border security this year. Also reported today: two Yemenese men on FBI terror watch lists were apprehended at the border

* "Infrastructure" Bill - Senate Parliamentairan has ruled that democrats may use budget reconciliation process to forego the filibuster and pass the legislation. Senator Manchin has voiced opposition and suggests other democrats will follow suit.

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