What happened today? ( 04/08 )

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* Election News: Wyoming's governor has signed a law mandating voter ID at polls. New Hampshire house and senate both passed a resolution to audit the 2020 Windham County election. GA Secretary Of State Raffensberger CONTINUES to obstruct Fulton County audit.

* BLM forced their way into the Iowa state capitol today, several were arrested. A BLM activist has also been charged with Asian hate crimes

* YouTube censored a roundtable discussion by Ron DeSantis challenging Covid lockdowns

* Black student wrote KKK on wall at Michigan college to spark racial protests

* Biden gets called out lying about gun laws. He introduced several executive actions today but thus far nothing exceptionally alarming, particularly in light of recent 2A advances. Today for instance, the Tennessee governor signed constitutional carry into law

* Joe Manchin is standing strong in protecting the filibuster. This comes as Hillary Clinton is ramping up rhetoric, suggesting democrats can only pass the H.R.1 election bill if they silence conservative opinions.

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