Facebook Frames FedEx warehouse shooting in Indianapolis 8 dead and others injured. Police say the shooter killed himself.

Interesting timing. . .only 3 or 4 days left in legislation for more gun restrictions. …meaning

The criminal element Always gets a hold of them.
When working with gang members they have told us Straight out, those in positions of authority on a certain side are happy to deliver weapons in stashes to them. Verification in the inner neighborhoods of Chicago.

So why was it that this 19 year old boy, considered suicidal was Still able to obtain a weapon?
If it’s the gun’s fault he was bent on criminal behavior, then why aren’t vehicles taken off of the road and alcohol removed from shelves due to the amount of deaths by drunk drivers? You know why!

What happens when you get a person on the loose with criminal intent, allowed to gain access to weapons as the criminal element Always does No Matter how many gun laws are out there, clearly they are able to evade them!
Just look at all the countries where guns are banned, yet they have extremely high crime rates and innocent victims being slain.

Who does it benefit for civilians to have No Defense at their disposal and to only be dependent on law enforcement who can take at minimum 10 minutes to respond to a call and generally More?

Why did our Constitutional Forefathers place the right to protect in our most notable document of protection?
By chance do the governing make sure THEY and those they promote have access to weapons? Why should civilians, the general population Not be allowed to have protection for them and their families when it is a Known fact criminals Always find access to weapons and those willing to place them in their hands?

WHY were the red flags ignored and even With existing gun laws these shooters from the Florida School Shooting the El Paso Shooter and the Church shooter in Texas Still able to obtain weapons?

I did a stint in El Paso and have been in some of those churches in Texas so Very Interesting!
Why are at risk individuals able to obtain weapons no matter How many laws there are against it?
Do you remember what Bill Cooper told us when he did the walk through at the Luxor in Las Vegas. I have been there a few times and it is Quite interesting.

Do you remember all of the conflicting testimony that was different from what the corporate owned media was saying in these sad events?

Do you Ever wonder why we never got to see the footage from Walmart’s camera’s? Here they have you surveilled while You are in the stores, so what gives? Do you know Who actually owns their servers and cloud based services?

How about all of the Various Lincoln, Leakin, Linkin Parks?
Not just here, but over in Canada too?

Who is Chester Bennington alleged to be related to?
Is he? You decide.

Whether he is or he isn’t… .consider the fact that he died on his friend Chris Cornell’s birthday just a few months after Cornell died.

Just a coincidence? You decide.

What was a certain Lincoln Park known for?
Just tales? Hear the testimony and you decide.

How about the film both Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were working on called the Silent Children?
Do you remember?
What about Tim Bergling, known on the stage as Avicii. What did he blatantly and boldly signal was going on and needed to be stopped?

Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death.

Remember the song For a Better Day?
If not, please watch it. Will be included inside these frames and shows what we have all been working for years that involves people connected to Epstein, John of God, Bill Richardson, Keith Raniere of NEXIVM…all just front men, definitely proven child abusers, but who do you suppose kept them going?

How many in government and other industry were complicit either for the profits and success or also for the predatory sickness that claims these people?

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