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All these woke liberal leftist feminist women running around DEFUND THE POLICE! when in REALITY and ANY divorced man can attest, the nations police are like womens personal stormtroopers, or what I like to call them, " The Witches Monkeys " you know like in the Wizard of Oz, and how many of these women have fucked over their ex husbands either taking their kids away, stopping them from seeing their kids, their house, and how many men if there were no police would be going EX WIFE HUNTING!

you would see men walking in the streets with giant smiles on their faces. " Hey Bob where are you going with the gaint double barrel shot gun " " Hello Jim, why thank you for noticing, I am going to ex wife hunting " " Ex wife hunting "? " Yeah, since there is no more police to stop me from killing the bitch, its long over due! " " AND, I am won't be living in that basement shack anymore, I am going back home to the house they took from me 10 years ago, so if you look for me go there "

The message is meant to WAKE UP these women that if there were no police they wouldn't be able to leave their houses! Am I wrong?