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Carpet Repair (Bay of Plenty)

This is another popular way to go about carpet repair (bay of plenty). The compound is applied to the carpet, and when it is brushed or sprayed in, the compound surrounds the pieces of dirt. This makes the dirt easy to remove from the fibers of the carpet. Then, all you have to do is vacuum up the compound and it will take the dirt with it after carpet repair (bay of plenty).

One of the many ways that you can go about cleaning your carpet is by using hot water extraction. The first step is to pretreat your carpet with some kind of mild detergent. You will have to choose the detergent that you use depending on what your carpet is made out of. The detergent is an important part because this is what loosens the dirt that is attached your carpet fibers. Once the carpet cleaning (bay of plenty)has been pretreated, then hot water is used to get rid of the dirt. One of the main disadvantages of this carpet cleaning method is that it takes a long time for your carpet to become dry once again.

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