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Is Climate Change and the monies our Congress spends that we furnish through taxes to promote large Government Contracts to businesses that pay them back via the Lobbyist rules Congress has made to make them millionaires off of bribe money made legal by self-conflicted loop-holes that make the present day Liberal/Progressive Mafia protecting us from them the norm really what you want to support.
How about Congress making it illegal for us to find out what they get in retirement and healthcare benefits?
How about Congress providing a litigation fund to protect them off of our taxes.
How about our taxes paying for the playing fields of the National Football League for those those who scorn America and use our taxes to make them milliomaires. Same with Hollywood, teachers, academia, etc.
How about Pelosi using Social Security Funds (Billions) to impeach a President who would not become a political crook, so they wanted him out of the Good 'Ol Boys Club of Liberal Politicians for the most part, however, not all Conservatives are walking around with hallows either (RINO's included).