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KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE YOU VACCINATE YOUR CHILD OR YOURSELF -in fact : no potentially dangerous ANYTHING can be given/done to a child -or minor under the age of 16 by constitutional law without risking the following for which NO IMMUNITY exist in any law book or the constitution= "Marbury v. Madison 5 us 137 of 1803" no rights can be violated per constitutional law. anything that creates a damage is punishable by the constitution= title 18 usc 2381 cannon # 7. STATE LAW which violates the constitution with a {STATUTE, CODE, ORDINANCE} is treason and most are using just this-be sure to see title 42 usc 1983-title 42 usc 1986-title 18 usc 12203 -sticking any child even with the parents consent-if it causes a damage of ANY KIND are both punishable {PARENT and DOCTOR/NURSE/STATE} by supreme court law via the constitution = "assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious harm with intent to mame or kill" these laws CAN NOT be amended as they are the primary protocol for the basis of the entire law of the constitution. sue them-the schools by constitution can not teach anything that the parents does not see fit. THIS IS THE LAW OF THE CONSTITUTION and not the SNOWFLAKE B.S of a state operating within a state which creates its own corrupt constitution as to lie to the public . {STATUTES-CODES-ORDINANCES-REGULATIONS THAT VIOLATE{THE CONSTITUTION} is treason-fraud-extortion. THEY FOOL THE PARENTS AND MASSES -so they can say YES-WE ARE USING THE CONSTITUTION-but because most have no idea that a {STATE CONSTITUTION} is NOT {THE CONSTITUTION} and this matters more than some can imagine IN LAW MARBURY V. MADISON 5 US 137 of {1803} . title 18 usc 2381 cannon # 7 . title 18 usc 241 and 242. title 18 usc 12203. be sure to research {DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS} against the government for rights violations.