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A healthy student has passed away 7 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. 16-year-old Sofia Benharira got her shot on September 14th. She had several symptoms shortly after. The student suffered severe discomfort on September 20th while at school and was taken to hospital. She died one day later on September 21st as a result of thrombosis. Her family is now seeking answers for the sudden death of the healthy young girl.

Sofia’s motivation to get the COVID-19 shot was so that she could participate in activities which are restricted in France for those who are not vaccinated. After her injection, she suffered several health problems. On September 20th, while being at school, she had such intense discomfort that she was taken to hospital. She suffered a heart attack in the early morning of Tuesday, September 21st. She passed away at 060.

-Stop the Lockdown, Resist the Vaccine

The most important thing is, she saved grandma. She saved all the elderly people to enjoy a few more years. That's far more important than a young girl having a full life. Far, far more important. Right?!