The following is one of three letters sent to my state elected officials. While two other letters were sent to Senator Wendy Rogers and Representative Walt Blackman, both of whom publicly supported the Maricopa County audit, I’ve only included this version sent to Representative Brenda Barton, who did not:

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RE: Forensic Audit, Maricopa County Election, 2020

Representative Barton,

Please know that I appreciate your past support of de-certifying Arizona's electoral vote in the 2020 election, and your sponsorship of legislation that would require photo ID for all voters. I truly regret, however, your lack of high-profile, full-throated support for the above-referenced audit process. I would refer you to multiple public statements by your colleague in the upper chamber, Senator Rogers.

It’s absolutely shameful that more of our “conservative” representatives weren’t standing there with her, shoulder-to-shoulder, in defense of this effort. If the integrity of our electoral process means so little to them, then they can surely do without our votes. Despite the absurd excuses they used as they ran for cover, the intent of the audit was never to "overturn an election," but merely to ensure that a legal vote was tallied exactly as it was cast... and ONLY legal votes. Hopefully, all that will change… and soon.

While I feel that it's safe to assume that you are aware of all of this already, I simply want to go on record expressing my position:

The following is a breakdown of the actual number of discrepancies found AND CONFIRMED by the forensic audit of the 2020 Maricopa County election:

To begin with, we are to be reminded that in the overall vote count in the entire state of Arizona, the presidential election was decided by 11,434 votes.

There are 15 counties in the state, and in Maricopa County alone, there were 17,322 duplicate ballots cast.

Again, just in Maricopa County alone, “voters” sent in 9,041 more mail-in ballots than the county records show were sent out.

On top of that, there were 3,432 more ballots cast than there were people recorded as having voted county-wide.

Another 2,382 voters cast ballots, even though they didn’t live in Maricopa County.

2,018 voters moved to another state more than 29 days before the election, but voted anyway in violation of Arizona state law.

5,047 people voted in Maricopa County and at least one other county.

There were 23,344 voters who cast ballots from addresses where they did not live.

198 ballots were cast by people who registered to vote after the registration deadline, but were accepted by the county anyway, in violation of state law.

282 dead people voted.

186 people voted with duplicate voter IDs, meaning the same person voted more than once, or more than one person used the same voter ID to vote..

To recap, that’s a total of 63,252 ballot discrepancies in Maricopa County alone, or about five times as many votes as the number that decided the election.

But, wait… that’s not all. The auditors also found mail-in ballots without signatures that were approved anyway, and they even discovered ballots where the “Signature Approved” stamp was UNDERNEATH the signature box peel-away sticker. That can only mean that, not only were these mail-in ballots accepted without signatures, they were “approved” before they were even sent out!

Now… can anyone honestly continue to say with a straight face that this was a “FRAUDIT,” that there’s absolutely nothing to see here, that this is just business as usual, that this is how every election is, has always been, and shall be run forever after?

I don’t think so… and neither will the 1.6 million Arizona voters who will be made aware of this travesty between now and the next election.

Not only does the Arizona State Legislature (and every other state legislature) have the Constitutional authority to pass laws that establish the state’s own election processes and procedures, it's incumbent upon the legislature to ensure that those laws are being observed and scrupulously followed by those whom they have empowered to conduct the elections, e.g., state officials, state agencies, county officials and commissions.

It is furthermore imperative that our state legislature routinely examine existing laws and, if need be, propose, debate and pass sufficient revisions, modifications and/or additions to current statutes that provide for 100% transparency, while maintaining the individual voter’s privacy.

The following are broad, topical suggestions which we would like to see our elected state representatives propose and/or support:

1) Verify the accuracy of voter registration lists annually.
2) Require valid photo ID of every voter / provide state ID at no cost.
3) Verify citizenship of every voter.
4) Send out mail-in ballots by request only.
5) Eliminate automatic mail-in ballot registry.
6) Strictly regulate “ballot harvesting” to eliminate vote trafficking.
7) Strictly regulate and monitor drive-up ballot drop-boxes.
8 ) Allow 100% participation of bi-partisan process observers.
9) Ban election-day registration, establish all deadlines.
1 Ban “automatic” voter registration, e.g., DMV, etc.
11) Ban private funding of election officials or government agencies.
12) Ensure that the legislature has "legal standing” to bring necessary oversight / compliance litigation.

Here’s the bottom line: In a representative democracy, our vote is our voice. If, after having received constructive notice of a level of corruption that exists to this degree, our representatives allow our vote to remain subject to manipulation, either intentional or otherwise, then We, the People, are left with no voice… and as stated plainly in the Declaration of Independence, we are left with few options… and no one wants to go there.

Michael Alexander
Strawberry, AZ